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Tani Ruiz

Tani Ruiz

I’m the author of X in Provence, my debut novel that depicts a whole new side of this “slice of paradise” – we’re talking obsessive love, toxic relationships and treachery. And sex-sodden hobbies.

I started out in London as an investigative reporter – finding my feet as a journalist purely by happenstance through answering a job advert in a newspaper. Years of sweat followed and so did the payoff. I went on to work for mainstream media outlets – in England and abroad – covering general and financial news. Ten years into my reporting career I switched course, venturing into the area of international development as a communications specialist. I now earn my bread as a freelance editor.

The novel was inspired by the time I spent in Provence, a stop on my zigzagging journey across continents – both for work and pleasure. It was also sparked by large and often angst-provoking questions: Why are we attracted to certain partners? Why do some of us have trouble extricating ourselves from unhealthy relationships? Why the struggles with low self-esteem? And then there’s the sibling side of things, the wish to explore relationships where roles are cast and shaped from very early on.

I’m currently based in Europe, embracing another new culture and language while raising my children as a proud, if wholly imperfect, single mother.